New PDF release: 50 einfache Dinge die Männer über Sex wissen sollten (50

By Arne Hoffman

ISBN-10: 3864895111

ISBN-13: 9783864895111

Alles eine Frage der Größe?

Wie guy eine Frau zur Ekstase bringt, welche Hilfsmittel guy auf dem Weg zur Wonne nutzen kann, wie guy mit Problemen im Bett umgeht - Mann findet in diesem Buch alles, was once er über intercourse wissen sollte. Und dann ist auch der Schritt zum perfekten Liebhaber nicht mehr groß.

Zuerst sich selbst, dann gemeinsam Neues entdecken - das ist das Motto, unter das Arne Hoffmann alle wichtigen Dinge zum Thema intercourse stellt. Ob es darum geht, die eigenen Geschlechtsorgane healthy zu halten, seine Partnerin mit einem Orgasmus zu beglücken oder abseits gewohnter Pfade erotische Befriedigung zu finden - Arne Hoffmann lässt keine Frage offen. Mit zahlreichen Tipps und Ratschlägen legt er ein echtes Grundlagenwerk vor, das auch heikle Themen wie männliche Unlust oder sexuelle Gewalt ebenso kenntnisreich wie einfühlsam behandelt.

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These films can be considered nonnarrative pornography, unless one takes sex acts themselves to include some sort of narrative trajectory. Because of its graphic sexual representations, pornography remained outside the film industry since it was illegal even if thoroughly commercial. The pornography market differed historically from sexploitation’s in that the pornography market was covert while that of sexploitation was generally overt (except for the square-up reel). Of necessity, pornography circulated outside the public sphere.

To their astonishment, it eventually played in art house theaters. In its January 1960 review of the film, the Los Angeles Times described the mainstreaming of the audience for sexploitation: “Last Friday evening the Peep 22 The History of Sex in American Film Show finally moved across the tracks from Main Street. ”2 With new exhibition outlets open to it and with the attention of the press, the film surprisingly grossed $1,000,000. Meyer and others moved into the art house and college circuits that European filmmakers had utilized during the late 1950s.

Friedman, and Herschell Gordon Lewis tried a different approach. They simply abandoned comedy and returned to the traditional ambivalence of the sexploitation genre—partially adhering to while still transgressing conservative moral codes. By the middle of the 1960s, the Supreme Court had practically institutionalized this approach by allowing “redeeming social importance” as a way to avoid an obscenity conviction. So voice-overs intoned excerpts from literary works or Bach played on the soundtrack or “scientists” or “psychologists” explained sexual aberrations, any narrative device that might give a film at least a hint of redeeming social worth.

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