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By Todd Lyon

ISBN-10: 0743253256

ISBN-13: 9780743253253

Who Is the guy You Love?

Well, that relies. Does he rescue stray cats? Do his students widen while he appears at you? Are his thumbs in particular lengthy? Is he an purely child?

Questions akin to those are whatever yet random; the solutions may also help be certain the real nature of the guy you want. during this provocative but playful choice of quizzes, Todd Lyon attracts upon old mysticism, sleek psychology, good judgment, and unusual experience -- all with the aim of uncovering the secrets and techniques of your lover's soul.

Some love-divining ideas you know approximately (astrology, palmistry, the Tarot); a few you do not (what the contents of his fridge says approximately him). it really is like having an entire library of romantic reference books magically condensed to slot in your handbag. no matter if the guy in your brain is a far off weigh down or a long term associate, you should use this e-book to:

  • Test his emotional availability

  • Predict his bed room behavior


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For you, the body-based types provide an interesting jumping-off point when you want to sketch a broad psychological profile of someone you’re watching. Endomorph With a shape that’s rounded and soft, the classic endomorph is overweight and stores much of his excess fat in the abdomen area. The legs are often shorter than the torso; the muscles are underdeveloped; and the skin is smooth. Personality-wise, endomorphs tend to be amiable, warm, and generous. They are tolerant, sociable, slow to anger, and even-tempered.

Some men always call if they’re going to be late…drop you off at the restaurant before searching for a parking space…and gently tell you if you have broccoli in your teeth. The Secret Language of Sleep Positions Maybe it’s a little early for you to investigate the sleeping patterns of your Prince Charming–elect. Maybe not. In any case, there is a large and colorful collection of theories that seek to decode the significance of sleep positions. These ideas are more or less divided into two categories: The hidden meaning behind how a man sleeps when he is alone in bed and the hidden meaning behind how a couple sleeps together.

Proper practitioners of the I Ching connect with its eternal wisdom by casting coins or sticks, which are interpreted into a figure of six lines. Some lines are solid, some are broken, and some are “changing,” depending on how the coins or sticks are thrown. What results is one of sixty-four figures, each of which carries its own complex meaning. For those of us with short attention spans, there are unorthodox shortcuts that tap into the secrets of the I Ching but don’t require serious study. We could use them to know ourselves better; for the purposes of this book, however, we’re going to exploit the lessons of the I Ching in order to improve our love lives.

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