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By W. H. B. Smith

;A uncomplicated handbook of army Small palms КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: A simple guide of army Small hands Автор: W.H.B.Smith Издательство:Military provider Publishing Год: 1943 Язык: english Страниц: 218 Формат: pdf Размер: 60,65(+3%)mbОсновные руководства по армейскому стрелковому оружию, американскому, британскому, русскому, германскому, итальянскому, японскому и других стран. Скачатьifolderзеркало zero

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Soil type and condition also affect the efficiency of RCA munitions. For instance, point detonating devices tend to bury into the porous surfaces and evaporate more slowly than from nonporous surfaces. As a result, a decrease in the cloud size and area coverage could occur. When this soil is disturbed by traffic, the RCAs may become airborne with renewed effectiveness. The overall utility of RCAs is greatly influenced by the discipline, motivation, and degree of readiness of the soldier. RCAs have been shown to be least useful against well-trained and well-equipped soldiers.

50 gallons of gasoline. 100 feet of detonating cord. Two electric blasting caps. 150 ounces of M4 thickening compound. M49 trip flare or (in combat) M34 WP grenade. 25-pound blocks of composition C4 or two 1-pound blocks of TNT. Flame Fougasse Devices The flame fougasse is a variation of an exploding FFE in which the flame is projected by explosive means over a preselected area. An excellent defensive weapon, the fougasse can also provide illumination as well as produce casualties. On Defensive Line Wyoming, during the Korean Conflict, elements of the 1st Cavalry Division emplaced 1,000 drums of FFEs in front of fighting positions.

Dig a trench at an angle that will give maximum effect over the area selected for coverage (25 to 45 degrees). Step 4. Dig a small depression in the back of the trench to place the explosive charge. Step 5. Carefully place the explosive charge into the depression and straighten the detonating cord pigtail from the explosive charge up and out behind the trench. Step 6. Carefully lower the device into the trench, making sure the bottom of the device is against the back of the trench and the detonating cord from the explosive charge is not pinched or crimped.

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